Adult Services

The Carers’ Centre provides a variety of services to meet the needs of Carers, which include:

  • Information – We have a wealth of information to support carers, for example:
  •  Money and Benefits
  •  Relief Care Services
  •  Special Equipment
  •  Residential Care
  •  Illnesses and Disabilities
  •  Local and National Support Groups
  •  Holidays
  • Carers’ Library – Free loan of books and DVDS
  • Free internet access for registered carers
  • Stress relieving therapies
  • Support groups (click here for a list of support groups)
  • Transport
  • Social group
  • Carers’ Luncheon Club
  • Walkers’ group
  • Training
  • Former Carers’ Coffee Mornings
  • Passport to Leisure and Learning- All carers registered with the Centre can receive large discounts on a large number of activities in Coventry.

Click here to contact the Carers’ Centre for more details.

Carers’ Testimonials

“The Carers’ Centre has been a Godsend to me over the last few years.  The information given has been invaluable and the lunch club and outings have enabled me to have proper conversations and also these people have helped me cope”

“The Carers’ Centre is an ideal place to pop in. It provides a safe haven where no-one is judged and everyone is helped in one way or another.”

“When I first made contact with the Carers’ Centre I was extremely stressed and at the end of my tether. The help and support I got from your staff and the support you put me in touch with has been a lifeline. Thank you so much.”

“As a carer, it’s so easy to ‘burn out’, feel alone and isolated. The Carers’ Centre has been a haven and a great relief to me in my caring role. Having a son with what is possibly an undiagnosed mental health condition has made life extremely stressful and difficult at times. At the Carers’ Centre, I’ve been able to share the triumphs and joys of this role as well as the difficulties. I don’t know of any other place where this is possible. Thank you Carers’ Centre from the bottom of my heart.”